A top brand and the industry’s technology innovation leader, Goodyear has been on Latin American roads for well over a century. Today, we design and make tires specifically formulated for your driving conditions.

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The Goodyear Advantage

A Wide Selection of Premium Tires

  • A legacy of designing and constructing to the highest standards for tire products

  • A choice perfect for your needs, whether performance sport, luxury, family SUV or hardworking pickup

  • Ready to take on your driving conditions with superior wet traction, responsive handling on any surface, urban driving challenges, all-terrain toughness, money saving fuel efficiency, and long lasting value

A Century of Experience

  • 120 years of continual innovation to help build a more confident drive

  • The Goodyear name has become synonymous with history-making inventions and award-winning technology advancements

Cutting Edge Technology

  • Maintaining high standards for our products means always moving forward
  • Exclusive innovative technologies such as
    • DuPont™ Kevlar® brand fiber (five times stronger than steel)
    • Evolving Traction Grooves (helps evacuate water from under the tread for enhanced wet traction)
    • Run On Flat™ Technology (to continue driving safely for up to 80 km on a flat)

Expert Tire Service

  • Professional and approachable tire care near you

  • Experts to help you make the right choice for your vehicle and usage

The path to the right tire starts here.

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