When should tire pressure be checked?

Goodyear When should tire pressure be checked?


Tires with appropriate pressure are essential for the best performance of the vehicle, as well as to ensure the safety of all passengers. But do you know the frequency with which tire pressure should be checked? That's a pretty common question that we're going to clear up here. Check it out!

How important is frequent tire pressure checks?

Among the main reasons for checking the pressure of your car tires, is that when tire pressure is below the indicated by the manufacturer, their service life can be reduced by almost half.

In addition, inadequate pressure, below the recommended, causes tires to suffer greater damage from impacts, making them susceptible to aquaplaning, at the risk of accidents such as rollovers.

However, applying the correct pressure to the tires is essential following the manufacturer's recommendations, given that, when tires are too full, they lose grip on the ground and are less stable in taking corners, increasing the braking distance, possibly resulting in accidents.

Among the main problems caused by incorrect tire pressure are:

  • loss of adhesion to the ground;
  • risk of slipping out of the rim;
  • deterioration of the internal structure of the tire due to extreme heating when running;
  • instability;
  • increased engine effort and, consequently, increased fuel consumption;
  • emission of larger amounts of CO2.

When to check the tire pressure?

Ideally tire pressure should be checked at every 15 days, always with cold tires, i.e., having run up to 2 km (preferably in the morning at a gas station near your home). Checking the pressure with cold tires ensures more stable air particles in the tire and more effective and durable pressure levels.

If you use your car a lot – such as drivers of car-pooling apps, for instance – it is recommended that you should check your tire pressure weekly. But if you notice that your tires are emptying too fast and need to be filled before the period is over, the recommendation is take your car for checking this, as well as checking whether other items may be impairing your vehicle and requiring maintenance, such as nails and other trapped materials that may have perforated the tire, requiring patching the tire or even replacing the tire.

Now if you use your car very little, tire pressure can be checked once a month. Before traveling it is important to make sure of checking the tire pressure, bearing in mind that, for a loaded car, 2 to 4 psi may need to be added in relation to the value indicated by the manufacturer.

For spare tires, consider adding a pressure of up to 5 psi above the others.

How to check the tire pressure at gas stations?

Applying the correct tire pressure is as important as the frequency of checking. Therefore, follow the recommendations of your vehicle’s manufacturer, which are usually specified in the owner's manual.

Paying attention to the suitable pressure to use for the vehicles on the road, which is different from the ideal pressure for everyday life in the city, is important. This applies to both light and heavy vehicles.

As we have already said, it is essential that tire pressure is checked with cold tires. To calibrate the tires at gas stations, simply:

  • enter the number on the air pump display and actuate it;
  • remove the tire valve cap;
  • tighten the latch on the tip of the calibrator (when present);
  • fit the hose into the valve;
  • wait for the whistle of the equipment indicating the ideal pressure has been reached;
  • Place the valve cap back.

Where is the correct tire pressure shown?

The tire air pressure by the OEM is shown in the owner's manual and, in some cases, also on the inside of the fuel intake nozzle cap or on the driver side doorframe.

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