What is the ideal tire for an SUV?

Goodyear What is the ideal tire for an SUV?


To understand the tires recommended for SUVs, we must first know each customer’s needs and this information will certainly make it easier to choose the ideal tire to be used in each case.

When talking about SUV (Sport Utility Vehicle) tires, we must bear in mind that they have a much larger size than ordinary tires. This is due to their natural weight and their maximum load capacity and, in order to ensure your SUV’s safety and performance, each item of information found on the service description must be understood.

A tire service description of 215/55R18 91H means that 215 corresponds to the width of the tire in millimeters, 55 represents the percentage of the height of the side wall of the tire (in this case 55% of 215 mm), the letter R means that the tire has a Radial type construction  and the number18 represents the wheel diameter in inches (18 inches). An important factor that few customers know is the description of the load and speed index, with the number 91 representing this tire’s load capacity (in this case H = 615 kilos) and the letter V symbolizes the speed index (in this case V = 210Km/h).

Another important item of information about tires used in SUVs and their application, there are certain categories that should be chosen according to each owner’s style of use. Among the most used nomenclatures, we have H/T (High Terrain), which are tires suitable for predominant urban use. A/T (All Terrain), for those who transit between the urban, the paved streets, and the dirt roads, in more rural areas. For those who live off paved roads and enjoy more adventures, M/T (Mud Terrain) tires can turn an SUV into an off-road-style vehicle.

A good SUV brings all the convenience of a sports car with the power and aggressiveness of a pickup truck. And you can have those same features on the next tire of your SUV.

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