Racing tires vs street tires. Understand the differences

Goodyear Racing tires vs street tires. Understand the differences


A very common question for those who follow car races is why street cars do not use smooth tires like those used by race cars. The so-called slick tires, totally smooth, are always used in dry track conditions during competitions, thereby guaranteeing the maximum area of contact with the ground and ensuring a better performance.


This type of tires does not have grooves like those found in regular car tires. This results in having more rubber in contact with asphalt, providing better adherence and better performance for race cars on dry tracks.


But in adverse conditions, such as rain and wet track, slick tires must be replaced by regular treaded tires. Treads are those grooves on the tread responsible for the flow of water on the surface of the tire and ensuring higher adherence to the ground. Without the treads on wet surfaces, race car may aquaplane and possibly causing drivers to lose control of the vehicle.


Outside racetracks, cars must be able to drive in any weather condition, all the time, whether the weather is dry or raining, making it impractical to use slick tires, because if it starts to rain, it becomes virtually impossible to control the vehicle. 


That's why all vehicles use treaded tires with the grooves needed to drain water all the time. Also, outside race-tracks, there is no need for performing as high as race cars. For the same reason, we would also highlight the danger of driving with bald tires on wet surfaces. The vehicle will display the same behavior as a with slick tires thus reducing safety in the day-to-day traffic.


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