Off-road tires: Differences in construction and function.

Goodyear Off-road tires: Differences in construction and function.


Off-road tires are tires made for those who drive on unpaved surfaces. They are suitable for harsh environments and with special driving conditions, since they can travel more easily on surfaces such as ground, mud, stones, eroded terrain and even snow.

How to identify an off-road tire?

Visually recognizing tires like this is not difficult. In general, they are taller, larger, and wider, as well as using a specific calibration for this type of deployment. They are usually found in jeeps and pickup trucks, that are the vehicles mainly used for this type of use. Since they are tires with all these specific features, some precautions must be taken with them, such as:

  • Do not use off-roads tires on predominantly paved stretches (asphalt), because in these situations they have a higher wear as compared to regular tires. To alternate between terrain types, using mixed purpose tires is recommended, as they feature simultaneously on and off road features.

  • Respect the dynamics of use, because situations such as braking distance and stability can vary greatly according to the tire type and brand.

  • Fuel economy. Fuel consumption ends up being higher due to the tire’s constructive and use characteristics. That is one more reason to use them with a focus on travelling on hostile ground, mud, rocky or uneven terrains. Thus, the benefits afforded will offset the investment made in them.

For optimal performance, always check the recommendations on the vehicle manufacturer's manual, or when in doubt, stop by your trusted official Goodyear store and understand which is the best tire for your car.

Wrangler Line  - Ideal tires for any type of terrain.

Goodyear off-road tires are premium and specially designed for SUVs and Pick-Ups. Among the options in the line, the standouts are the off-road MT/R Kevlar®, with DuPont® technology (used by military forces and 5 times stronger than steel) that can be up to 35% more resistant against cuts and punctures, and Duratrac, tires for severe conditions and with rim options ranging from 16" to 20". 

*Review Auto.

Inside the Wrangler  Duratrac tyres.

Wrangler Duratrac tyres have greater traction thanks to the TractiveGroove™ technology, located in the tread, which consists of small saw teeth at the base of the grooves, improving traction in low grip environments, such as deep mud. The large self-cleaning blocks on the shoulders increase stability and traction in both dry and wet surfaces.

Thanks to the highly angled central blocks, Wrangler Duratrac tires feature increased traction and lateral stability, reducing noise and increasing comfort. The wheel rim protector, located on the side, helps in protecting your wheels against accidental damage from sidewalks or curbs as well as helping with traction in deep mud.

Would you like to find the mixed purpose or off-road tire recommended by experts and with excellent service levels? Visit our website and find the right tire model for your car in a store near you.