How tire rotation works

Goodyear How tire rotation works


Vehicle equipped with tires without rotation direction

Front-wheel drive

Rear-wheel drive


Vehicle equipped with tires with rotation direction

To ensure even tire wear, changing their position from time to time is important. In this article, we will explain clearly how to perform the rotation and what its benefits are.

Most of today's cars have front-wheel drive with the main braking system also on the front axle. This results in front tires carrying more weight and, consequently, wearing out more quickly, with the same happening to the rear wheels in rear-wheel drive systems.

Tire rotation is nothing more than rotating the positions of the tires on a car. This position switching procedure allows tyres to be better used and have a longer life due to even wear. Another relevant reason is with regards to safety, since tires wear more evenly when appropriately rotated, drivability becomes less subject to deviations in the direction of displacement.

How to do it?

Take into account the type of car is important to perform the rotation correctly. In passenger cars, the rear tires go to the front forming an X. So, left goes to right, and right goes to left, then front tires go to the rear without changing sides. In rear-wheel drive cars, tires should be rotated as follows:

- front left should be moved diagonally, going to rear right;
- front right should be moved diagonally, going to rear left;
- rear left should take the front position on the same side, the left;
-     rear right tire should take the position of the front of the same side, the right.

The important thing is that the tires should feature the same wear on all grooves, so that they are uniform.

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