Driving style and tire wear

Goodyear Driving style and tire wear


Taking care of your tires is not just about dodging potholes and balancing periodically. It is knowing their characteristics and being aware of things that can interfere with their integrity in the short and long term. For this reason, we have separated some tips for you to take care of your vehicle with simple attitudes that can be easily applied in your daily life. Check them out!

1. Know the tires of your car.
Choosing a good brand is the first step to not having headaches in the future. And understanding the codes related to your tires is also important to understand a little more about your vehicle's capabilities, such as load index and its equivalent in mph.

2. Respect speed limits.

Staying within the speed limits established by the road signs is not just a matter of safety against car accidents. Lanes with tight curves require lower speeds, which also helps maintain your tire's integrity. Knowing how to start and brake the vehicle smoothly also helps to preserve them in the long run.

3. Always drive in gear

Coasting in neutral can be dangerous and may cause serious damage to the vehicle's drivetrain. In addition to being a traffic violation. Always keep your vehicle in gear, because even after decelerating, the electronic system makes sure there is no fuel consumption.

4. Check the TWI

TWI is a marking found on every tire for the purpose of monitoring its lifetime and knowing the ideal time to change it. When the TWI reaches the height of the grooves, that means it is time to start choosing your new tires. Bear in mind that bald tires are prohibited from circulation by law and pose a safety risk since their grip and water flow are compromised.

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